Summer Sparrow

White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys)

When I saw this bird in the last days of June, I thought I was seeing a new and different species. All the sparrows had migrated north weeks ago, hadn’t they? Well, maybe not all. According to the authoritative sources, see below, this species may stay along this coast year round. But not many! I’ve photographed White-crowned Sparrows in the park more than two dozen times, almost always between October and April. When they’re here, there’s lots of them and you can hardly miss them. Once before, namely on June 2 last year, my camera found one bird of this species later in the year. But I’ve never seen one after the Summer Solstice. I wonder what makes special birds like this tick. Are they happy with the habitat, already have a mate, and see no reason to migrate? I can understand that! Or are they not interested in breeding and see no reason to take a long flight for that purpose? MATWOB (Mysterious Are The Ways Of Birds).

More about White-crowned Sparrows: Cornell Audubon Wikipedia In Chavez Park

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