Stewards Eleven

Four of the 11 Conservancy volunteers engaged in garden cleanup in the Native Plant Area

An able crew of eleven volunteers showed up for the Chavez Park Conservancy’s August 21 Stewardship Saturday for a morning devoted to garden cleanup in the Native Plant Area. Volunteers pulled invasive weeds and pruned back portions of runaway acacias and ngaio trees that were overgrowing natives. We worked for a bit more than two hours on a cool, overcast morning, and made quite a pile of pullings and clippings. Volunteer Coordinator Bob Huttar expressed thanks to the Parks gardening crew for hauling away our work product. We saw the success of our previous weed pulling work in the fresh blooms of California Fuchsia low on a bush that we had freed from a stranglehold of Kikuyu (photo below). Although we accomplished a good bit, there remains much more to do. The area has had no detailed gardening attention for decades. We will need to return and work consistently before this area begins to live up to its potential.

California Fuchsia (Epilobium canum) growing in area previously choked by Kikuyu grass

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