Starlings Here

European Starling adult male (Sturnus vulgaris)

Almost two months ago I saw a scouting party of these birds over by the Schoolhouse Creek outfall (map) and wondered whether they would come into the park again, as they have in the past. Now I have my answer. They’re here. I saw just about a dozen of them, but quite possibly that’s only a small sample of what’s to follow. These birds can do massive formation flights (“murmurations”) that darken the sky. The party that I saw consisted of adults and juveniles. They perched in the big acacia tree on the south edge of the Native Plant Area and a few of them foraged on the ground beneath it. Then, as if on a signal, they all took off eastward and out of my sight. Three years ago at least some of them nested and produced young in the park; see “Starlings Do It” Jun 9 2019.

European Starling juvenile (Sturnus vulgaris)

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