Spring Break

To all the loyal readers who follow this daily blog: I’m going to take a two-week Spring Break starting today. But I’ll be here and paying attention. If you have news and/or photos feel free to contact me at info@chavezpark.org. Meanwhile, why not explore the other content of this website? There’s a detailed index of posts sorted by category and tag. The website has more than 2400 posts, 75 pages, 8,600 photos, all about Chavez Park. You won’t even finish looking at all of it by the time the daily blog resumes. Looking forward to connecting with you again soon!

3 thoughts on “Spring Break

  • Enjoy the Spring Break, two weeks, well deserved – your steadfast presence, photos/videos, website, articles and email alerts for those signed up, make a thousand percent difference.

  • Have a good spring break and maybe check out Coyote hills park. Lots of birds

  • Have a good break, Marty! You’ve been doing such a beautiful job here. We’ll miss you!

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