Spring Babies

Narcissus on western ridge of park

On the western ridge of the park, in the middle of a triangular crossroads of busy paths, some with truck tire tracks, grows a solitary cluster of Narcissus, a/k/a daffodils or jonquils. I and others have photographed them in past years as a harbinger of the Spring season. This year the blooms are tiny, as if they were babies, miniature versions of their former selves. Why they’re so small is hard to say. They were tightly crowded by weeds. That may have had something to do with it. Or maybe they don’t like a lot of rain. In any event, although tiny, they’re as beautiful as ever.


This little flower bush stands in a highly exposed position. At any moment a visitor or a park maintenance truck could squish it. It seems to be the last survivor of its species in the park. A lovely patch of Narcissus on the east shore of the park fell victim to the rip-rap rehab job in 2019. Some park visitors planted these years ago as a random act of kindness. Thank you, anonymous guerrilla planter.

Location of Narcissus on west ridge

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