A Spotted Sandpiper Pair

Spotted Sandpiper

The Spotted Sandpiper that I’ve seen several times on the rocks along Marina Boulevard, opposite the hotel, is still here in August.  Not only here, but very clearly spotted.  And more important: not alone.  A second one of its ilk flitted nearby, but unfortunately flew off before I could get a picture.  I strongly suspect that we have a breeding pair of these lovely birds.  The Cornell bird lab website waxes positively ecstatic about them:

The dapper Spotted Sandpiper makes a great ambassador for the notoriously difficult-to-identify shorebirds. They occur all across North America, they are distinctive in both looks and actions, and they’re handsome. They also have intriguing social lives in which females take the lead and males raise the young. With their richly spotted breeding plumage, teetering gait, stuttering wingbeats, and showy courtship dances, this bird is among the most notable and memorable shorebirds in North America.

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