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To stop the BMASP scheme that would wreck our park, it’s time to speak up. This coming Wednesday at 7 pm the Parks Recreation and Waterfront Commission will meet on Zoom. Anyone with a computer or cell phone can participate and speak. The Zoom link is https://us06web.zoom.us/j/89908872760 The time for public comment is usually very early in the meeting, Item 5. But be prepared for delays. You can read the agenda here

  • At the bottom of your Zoom screen is a button to “Raise Your Hand.” Click on that and wait to be recognized.
  • When you are called on, be sure that your microphone is not muted.
  • You may get two minutes but there will be many speakers so you will probably get only one minute to speak. Cut to the chase.
  • Speak from your heart. Avoid canned formulas.
  • Don’t want to wait? Use the Chat shortcut. Click on Chat, type your message — “No on BMASP” will do — and log out. Your input is recorded and counted.

Later in the agenda, at Item 9, following lengthy other items, the Commission will discuss the BMASP plan. Possibly the chair will shift the public comment period on BMASP to this agenda item and disallow BMASP comments in the early comment period, to wear people out.

You do not have to be a Berkeley voter to speak. The park has always been a regional draw and what happens in the park will affect people from throughout the Bay Area and beyond. For many people, the reputation of the City of Berkeley rests on this park.

This Commission meeting is important as a demonstration of public opposition to the BMASP plan. When we speak out to defend the park, we shatter the lie spread by the consulting firm that the Berkeley public supports their schemes.

However, it’s important also to be aware that decisions about the park lie with the City Manager and ultimately with City Council rather than with the Commission. This means that the campaign to save the park doesn’t end with Wednesday’s meeting. So, show up and speak out, but keep your powder dry, the war’s not over.

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One thought on “Speak Up Time

  • Contact an environmental scientist to document that the land needs at least twenty more years if natural restoration and rehabilitation of this park on a dump whose gasses are still dangerously festering——only time with natural restoration would deem it safe to start any kind of development.

    Needs to be blocked with a good Environmental Impact Study that proves it is a risk of at this stage of natural restoration. Development would deep contamination, gas leaks. If sewage systems, pipes of any sort planned, it is a risk to public safety.

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