Sparrow morning songs

P1040496 (Custom)The day after the unexpected rain on Tuesday April 7, the air was clear, all that was green was growing, and the sparrows in the park seemed to sing their morning song with a bit of extra enthusiasm.  Here is a short video of several birds, all on the west side of the park, in or near the ridge that some call “Nature Hill” because trees and bushes grow there.  After each bird makes its call, it listens for a few seconds, and if you turn up the volume you may be able to hear the calls of other birds who seem to be answering.  It’s almost as if the morning song were a roll call, with each bird checking in and letting its neighbors know that it’s there.  What else it may be communicating I have no way to know, but it’s plain that the birds change their song from time to time, and this may have meaning for its listeners.   Maybe you can understand what they’re singing?

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