Some Feathered Regulars

This evening’s walk in the park brought not only the excitement of the cormorant and its trophy catch, but also some more familiar winter sights of feathered regulars.  These all were busy getting their meals on or near the western shore of the North Basin, except for the gull, which floated on the Bay side.  

This Common Goldeneye was one of just a handful visible on this side of the North Basin.  No large flocks of any species could be seen this past week.  The hundreds of Scaup all went elsewhere before the big rain storms of the past two weeks, leaving only a small scattering of Scaup females.  The flock of Coots, several hundred strong earlier in the month, was reduced to maybe a dozen or two.  
The Clark’s Grebe is a regular hunter here in the North Basin.  I took its picture again not so much because of the bird but because of the water background, a display of elegant minimalist beauty.
The Willet shows up frequently here, although this individual seems a bit younger than the ones I photographed previously.
American Wigeon M and F
I normally ignore sea gulls but in the light of the sunset this one looked so enticing that my camera couldn’t resist.

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