Solstice, Sun, Full Moon, Yes!

solsticeOne of the rare astronomical treats that make Cesar Chavez Park a special place will happen on Sunday evening June 19, Father’s Day.  At 7:45 a Summer Solstice celebration will begin at the Cesar Chavez Memorial Calendar, and within the hour participants will experience both the sunset and the rise of a full moon.  When that happens, Cesar Chavez Park becomes a magical place; you turn one way and see the sun sink, and you turn the other way and see the moon rise, and you can lose your balance and feel the earth moving under your feet.  Without sex.

Tory Brady, of the San Francisco Exploratorium Teacher Institute, will be there to explain it all.  What is solstice, why does it happen, what does it have to do with the seasons, how come and how often the sun and the moon put on this show, and other questions, she handles with ease.

The Cesar Chavez Memorial Calendar is about a ten-minute walk from the parking circle at the end of Spinnaker Way.  The path isn’t paved part of the way but persons in wheelchairs have been able to get there in the past without major difficulties if the path is dry.

Thanks to Santiago Casal, curator of the Cesar Chavez Memorial Calendar, for hosting this periodic event and posting the notice.


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