Solstice Is Live Again!

After a string of cancelations due to weather and the pandemic, the Summer Solstice celebration at the Solar Calendar in the park is ON again. Santiago Casal, founder and curator of the Chavez/Huerta Homage Solar Calendar, has announced a two-star lineup for the event, starting at 7:45 pm on Sunday, June 20. The sun is due to set at 8:35. Weather forecast is sunny and mild, 65 degrees.

Summer Solstice Celebration in 2017

Tory Brady, Exploratorium Teacher Institute, and Vivian White, Director of Free Choice Learning at the Astronomy Society of the Pacific, will explain what the solstice is, why it happens, what it means, and where your birthday fits into it. They’ll show how the earth moves relative to the sun, how it tilts and wobbles, how this creates the seasons, and anything else you’d like to know about the astronomy of it, and a good bit about how different cultures celebrate the event. They’ll give out a horizon strip so that you can put your birthday on it and you can know where the sun will set on that special day. Santiago will add information about the four directions and the four virtue stones of the United Farmworkers’ movement, and will focus on the summer virtue of Determination.

With respect to Masks and Distancing:  Not required outside.  But please use them to your level of comfort.

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