Solstice Gathering Off

Beautiful stonework on Cesar Chavez Memorial Solar Calendar is by Santiago Casal, founder and curator of the monument

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Summer Solstice Gathering that would normally take place this year has had to be cancelled, Solar Calendar curator Santiago Casal has announced. In an email, Casal wrote: “Given the masking and social distancing requirement, it would be difficult to hold the workshop that Tory Brady and Vivian White offer each year.  For those of you who will go to the park anyway, we ask that you please practice safe distancing and wear a mask.”

The sunset will happen at 8:35 on Saturday June 20. Casal continues:

As you may know, on the Summer Solstice we honor the seasonal cycle of agriculture and the dynamic teamwork of César Chávez and Dolores Huerta.  During the summer solstice we  celebrate their virtue of Determination and the Si Se Puede attitude — a virtue so important in these troubled times.  

One of the four stones surrounding the solar calendar, with the four virtues of Cesar Chavez’ movement, carries the message of determination:

Here is information about Summer Solstice celebrations around the globe:

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