About the Cesar Chavez Memorial Solar Calendar

Links to information about the Cesar Chavez Memorial Solar Calendar:

Concept paper for Cesar Chavez Solar Calendar.  This undated document, probably drafted around the year  2000, sets out the idea behind the project and outlines its various components, stages, and stakeholders.

The Solar Calendar Under Construction.  Article from Berkeley Daily Planet showing work crews building the project in 2011, with a photo of Santiago Casal, chief designer and builder of the monument.

Berkeley School Board resolution of March 2013 in support of the Solar Calendar and of education around Cesar Chavez.

Architects’ Portfolio Page.  John Northmore Roberts & Associates (landscape architects) had a hand in designing and executing the project.

Cesar Chavez Commemoration.  Brief items on Ecology Center website about Chavez’ life and struggle for environmental justice.

Solar Calendar.  Curator’s website devoted to the project.

Solar Calendar map.  By Google.

Another map.

2012 Meetup for Equinox Hike.  Look on Meetup for current celebrations/hikes at the solar calendar.

Teachers’ Guide to Cesar Chavez.  Designed by Berkeley teachers for Berkeley teachers, to be used with 5th grade classes.  Extensive bibliography about Chavez.

Also see news items on this web site related to the solar calendar; click on the Solar Calendar line in the Categories menu to the right.

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