Smooth Work

Freshly surfaced gravel path leading from dog park to western shore of park.

The City took care of a long-delayed fixit chore in the park recently. The seriously eroded path leading from the off-leash area to the western shore of the park got a fresh surface of gravel and now looks almost new.

Here’s what it looked like before the repair job:

November 21, 2019

So, as the saying goes, this was a good repair to make, “whether it needed it or not.” [It did.] Erosion issues come within the scope of the SCS contract with the City for maintaining the landfill because, if unchecked, the erosion could penetrate the clay cap on the underlying garbage and permit escape of landfill gases.

I don’t mean to be picky, but it would be neat if the contractors who did the work would pick up their plastic barriers when done. Leaving the barriers seems to be standard operating procedure. One of the barriers and signs from the rip-rap repair job finished in June 2019 is still lying beside the path over on the east side. When the pandemic first hit, several people thought the sign said that side of the park was closed. Evidently the City has plenty of these plastic barriers and can afford to leave a few laying about.

Plastic barrier, one of two left behind after gravel trail resurfacing job.
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