Sleepy Scaup Drop In

I do wish I were Dr. Doolittle and could talk to the animals. Then I would have an explanation for why a little raft of about 40 Greater Scaup showed up in the North Basin on February 23, almost all of them asleep at 4:30 in the afternoon. And the next day, they were nowhere to be seen.

Was this a breakaway from the much larger rafts of Scaup we saw here in December and January? Why break away? Why asleep at a time when they’re usually active? Were they flying at night, resting up during the day? Flying where? Why? Questions, many. Answers, none. MATWOB*.

M and F Scaup asleep (always with one eye open)


  • Mysterious Are The Ways Of Birds.

P.S. On February 26 I saw a raft of approximately equal number of these birds hugging the north shore of the park around 9 in the morning. They were, again, asleep.

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