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The 5 pm daily blogs on this site will be on vacation until Labor Day

Many birds molt in August. They withdraw from their usual haunts to a private place, lose most or all of their feathers, and gradually grow new ones. Weeks later they emerge again with a shiny new coat, beautiful and energized for the new season. This website will do something similar. The daily 5 p.m. blog posts will take a vacation. You can still browse the site and look up daily posts from the past. Meanwhile in the background the site will undergo some remodeling that will make it faster, easier to access, more organized and more beautiful going forward. Daily blog posts will resume on or around Labor Day. Thank you to all you loyal subscribers and other site viewers for your interest and your many contributions. See you in the fall!

3 thoughts on “Site in Molt

  • Thanks Marty. We really enjoy the photos and videos as well as learning more about birds from your site. Enjoy your break.

  • Checking to see if my comments will come thru. Yesterday I had trouble

  • Have an excellent, restorative break! I look forward to reading the new posts once they’re back. Thank you for your wide-ranging and very educational videos and text.

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