Silent Seal

Harbor Seal sculpture on north side riprap 1/27/2022

Harbor seals are notorious for loud barking and making a nuisance of themselves on shore. Not this one. About the size of a seal pup, this realistic looking facsimile rests on the shoreline rocks along the north side of the park. Park visitor Michele Bernal alerted me to it on January 26.. She writes:

 I was down there to better bird watch, with binoculars too, and just saw it!  I was startled and it took a while to ascertain what the hell it was, but when I got close enough to see its somewhat benign, sweet face I was kind of astounded that someone placed it there —someone who probably wondered how long it would take someone else to notice it!  Who knows how long it’s been there.  Looks like fiberglass or something similar.  Don’t know a thing about it …. It’s obviously an experienced artist, or someone who took it from some diorama somewhere! 

The sculpture bears no obvious signature of its creator. If you know anything about it, please use the Comments below. Thank you.

Blue pin shows location of harbor seal sculpture

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2 thoughts on “Silent Seal

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  • What a wonderful seal sculpture! Very cute. It seems to be smiling.

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