Sign of Confusion

Signpost near the southwest corner of the park says DOGS ON LEASH ONLY and ENTERING OFF LEASH AREA. Take your pick?

When it comes to sending mixed messages — a problem with several of the new signs that I’ve reviewed separately — nothing can top the new signpost near the southwest corner of the park. The yellow signs at the top say DOGS ON LEASH ONLY, while the green signs just below say ENTERING OFF LEASH AREA (detail photo below).

I suppose this is a sign for the holiday season, intended as a gift to everyone. Want your dog off leash? The sign allows it. Want to walk free of loose dogs? The sign supports that, too. Everyone can be happy.

However, in everyday grounded reality, the green sign is hundreds of yards out of place. The “Off Leash Area” (aka dog park) begins two ridges away on the left, out of sight in this photo.

Who put the green sign up in this totally wrong location? Was this some dog extremist’s idea of a prank, or was it a clueless Park employee following confusing directions? In any event, the green sign needs to come down, asap if not sooner.

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