She Missed the Migration

Early last week, hundreds of Scaup assembled on the surface of the North Basin, preparing to migrate.  Three days later, by April 30, they were all gone.  Or so it seemed.  Today, May 2, a single Scaup female paddled slowly around the promontory on the northeast corner of the park at sunset.

Maybe she missed the migration. Or maybe she made a decision:  “Alaska?  Been there done that!”  After all, Berkeley is a perfectly nice place to spend the summer, and who needs all that mating, breeding, egg laying, endless brooding, and the nuisance of feeding those bleeping young twerps with their beaks wide open all the time.  Not to mention all that long distance flying. When the rest of the flock returns in the fall, she can catch up on the gossip.  Good luck to you, resident Scaup lady! 


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