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The decision to save Chavez Park or to let it be destroyed lies with City Council. The petition to City Council to save our park as of this instant has more than 1500 signatures, 900 online and the rest ink-on-paper. The Chavez Park Conservancy kiosk in the park, photo above, will be open again tomorrow, Saturday Aug. 13, and Sunday Aug. 14, from 2 to 6 pm. You can sign it there, if you haven’t already.

At the kiosk, we’ll also for the first time have the petition in Spanish. Fortunately, two of our stalwart volunteers at the kiosk are fluent Spanish speakers who have been able to translate the petition and answer questions on the fly. However, not all volunteers are bilingual, so having the document in Spanish will be helpful.

We’ll also have a sheet for Comments. Several times park visitors have expressed strong feelings about the BMASP atrocities, but have not sent emails or comments online. Now they’ll be able to jot their view on paper and we’ll transcribe them and forward them to the responsible authorities.

Last week, a cute pup stood up to see what was happening on the table, and looked like it wanted to sign the petition, too. To make that possible, we’ve started a new petition for dogs that they can sign with a paw print. The stamp pad is non-toxic and easily washable, conforming to ASTMD4236, according to the maker.

On Saturday, you’ll find the kiosk in its usual location, near the southeast corner of the park, a few steps from the corner of Marina Boulevard and Spinnaker Way. On Sunday, unless the wind is unusually strong, the kiosk is moving to the west side of the park, near the parking circle at the end of Spinnaker Way.

If you would like to help at the kiosk this Saturday and/or Sunday, please sign up online at this link. Volunteers who are practiced at handling dogs will be especially helpful.

At the kiosk we’ll also have bumperstickers, copies of the new book, Love Letters to the Park, and the Park Lover’s Baseball Cap featuring a Burrowing Owl.

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2 thoughts on “See You In the Park

  • p.s. i’ve felt from the beginning that the council is pushing development. The berkeley Council has been in favor of development on many occassions over the years of Save the Bay until now. They have a complete development team and a plan to implement. They have a set up for meetings and voting and it’s all on line inspite of cover restrictions no longer being in effect in other venues. They will not honor signatures. We need to get this on the ballot if we have abandoned the idea of moving Chavez Park back to the State Park system where it was originally. Chavez Park is part of the Shoreline State Park. No-one from the long struggles of Save the Bay ever intended this part to be split off and developed. Berkeley itself it in the throws of massivive big box development under this mayor who seems not to care about the effect on regular citizens on the traffic on the in fracture to carry sewage,metal. They are set up for a slam dunk on this and we are getting signatures when they want development. Developers dont care about signatures. If we put it on the ballot yes they care about votes. Why cant we petition to go back to the State Park System as part of McLaughlin State Park where Chavez Park began as a nature reserve for people and animals and is intended to be?

  • I thot we were pursuing the option of returning Chavez Park to the State Park McLaughlin State Park where it was originally ? Has that idea been dropped..I do not know how to communicate with anyboody on this mission to save the Park. I had a memorial this past Saturday. How can i communicate with someone . I have a number of questions and i would like to help.

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