See You at the Stroll

Small portion of artist Bill Reynolds’ canvas showing some creatures seen in Cesar Chavez Park; see full artwork here.

Artist Bill Reynolds’ painting of Chavez Park wildlife, sampled above, is the centerfold of a new brochure we will be distributing at the annual Solano Stroll this Sunday Sep. 11 to introduce people to the park. The Chavez Park Conservancy booth will be in slot No. 1850 on the upper end of Solano Avenue in front of Andronico’s supermarket. A PDF copy of the brochure is below; it’s designed to be made into a tri-fold brochure.

In addition to the new brochure with Bill Reynolds’ artwork, we’re launching the campaign to Save the Burrowing Owls. The current fence around the Burrowing Owl Sanctuary in the northeast corner of Chavez Park is not effective to protect the birds. The fence is only 32 inches high and the gap between the top two cables is 9 inches. There’s a minority of dog owners in the park that let their pets run off leash where they shouldn’t. Burrowing Owls stay on the ground, not up in trees. At least one owl has been killed and another injured and driven away. We are campaigning for a new fence that will give the owls greater security. These iconic birds are much beloved and deserve our protection.

If you would like to help staff the Conservancy booth at the Stroll between 10 and 5 on Sunday, please send an email to Thanks.

Up to 100,000 people have been logged at past Solano Stroll events. The weather forecast reads partly cloudy with a high of 76.

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