Seal and Big Fish

I was scanning the water’s edge for Burrowing Owls. Heard a big splash down below. A harbor seal had thrust itself onto the lowest rocks with a big fish in its jaws. Then it changed its mind and headed back into the water, still holding the fish. It dove, then resurfaced a few yards out, and worried the fish like a dog with a bone. Was the fish resisting, or were those flips just due to the seal’s head motions? Then the seal dove again and a strange thing happened. It resurfaced a few more yards out without the fish. Had it swallowed the whole fish? Seems unlikely — that was a big one. Or had it given up and let the fish go? I didn’t see a floating fish cadaver anywhere. Something happened there underwater between seal and fish that we’ll never know.

Oh, and no Burrowing Owls yet. They, and just about every other migrating bird, are late this year.

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