Scaup Female Alone No More

The lone female Scaup who missed the migration a month ago is alone no more.  From somewhere, four male Scaup have appeared and are keeping her company.  Did they miss her up in Alaska and come back for her?  Or were they wintering somewhere south of here, weren’t part of the earlier migration, and stopped in here on their way north to see what was happening?  Mysterious are the ways of birds.  In any event, they were there this evening, floating quietly near one another some tens of yards off the Open Circle promontory in the northeast corner of the park.  

Of course, this could be a different female Scaup entirely.  Sigh.  Only another Scaup would know for sure.  

Hundreds of Scaup took off from the North Basin in their seasonal migration in the last week of April. This female missed it — or decided to forego it. 
One of the four male Scaup who has appeared and is keeping the lone female company
Four male Scaup near the female. She is the second from the right.

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