When I first started taking pictures in the park, practically all my images were sunsets or similar landscapes, seascapes, and cloudscapes. You can see many of them here. More recently I’ve neglected the ‘scapes. I’m happy to publish the work of other photographers who’ve been more diligent.

The first shot is of sunrise over the North Basin, by Susan Black, whose work has appeared here several times. Sunrise can be just as intense and colorful as sunset; it just depends on the atmosphere and what’s in it to filter the solar photons passing through.

Phil Rowntree’s photography has appeared here a number of times. These two images focus on the fading of the light. First is a shot of late sunset seen from the Schoolhouse Creek outflow in the southeast corner of the North Basin. (Map) The sun has dropped wholly below the horizon leaving only a pink wash on the lower clouds and purplish reflections on the water. Here the mood softly evokes the coming of darkness.

Phil’s second image was taken an hour or two later. This time the camera stands on the east side of the park, more or less in the same spot where Susan shot her sunrise. Phil has left the shutter open long enough to catch the full moon and its shimmering reflection on the North Basin water. This scene is called a moonglade, Phil reports, but no relation to the druid haven in World of Warcraft.

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2 thoughts on “‘Scapes

  • these are stupendous! I especially like the colorful ones…
    thank you!

  • Such GORGEOUSNESS!!! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photography of Susan Black and Phil Rowntree.

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