Same Bird?

I saw the Great Blue Heron in the picture on the right above as I walked north toward the Open Circle Viewpoint. I spent some time with the owls there, and half an hour later walked west along the north shore. There on a rocky promontory stood a Great Blue Heron. Was it the same bird? I managed to take close-ups of both of them. What do you think?

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One thought on “Same Bird?

  • The three photos showing the same (right) side of the head are __definitely__ of the same bird. There are too many corresponding individualistic ‘features’ in the heads/bills of those three birds to allow for another conclusion.

    It’s hard to compare the fourth photo (left-side of head) to the other three. There is one ‘feature’ under the bill which may be the same protruding feather(s) seen in all the photos, which would strongly suggest that all four photos are of the same individual bird.

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