Rock Owl Persists

The Burrowing Owl first seen yesterday morning on the rip-rap on the east border of the preserve was in the same spot again this morning.  While I was filming, the owl made no movements other than the occasional swivel of its head and opening or closing the eyes.   In that spot, protected by massive rocks, the bird could not be seen from the pathway in the park and was quite safe from loose dogs.  I took the video standing in the Spiral, the circular open air classroom on the Open Circle viewpoint.  Though this viewpoint is currently closed off by a decorative fence, there is no law or regulation barring park users from stepping over the fence and taking advantage of this excellent bird observatory, the best birding spot in the park.  I have been lobbying the Audubon Society to keep this viewpoint open and to protect the owl area with a temporary fence just north of the classroom.

I did not see the owl on December 12 when I visited at 8:45 a.m.   But on December 13 at 9:20 a.m., the owl was there again, and I was able to shoot a video of the owl interacting with ground squirrels.  Please see the separate post at

I didn’t go to the park on Sunday Dec. 16.  I participated instead in the Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count, in the Montclair Park (Oakland) location.  By the time I got back to Berkeley the rains had started.  So, no owl photo for that day.

This gallery continues with the Owl Diary 2019 series.  

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