Rock Banksy is Back

Rock sculpture on west side of park by anonymous artist

For some weeks, the rock arrangements on the west shore of the park were uninspiring. Some copycat had been at work, or just kids playing. But in September, the works came to life again. The original unknown artist, whom I call Rock Banksy, had returned. Only he or she has the secret of balancing very unlikely stones on top of each other, and creating figures that evoke aunts and uncles, monsters from folktales, aliens from other worlds, or their pets. This is cost-free art made from found natural objects, same as the British artist Andy Goldsworthy. Like many of Goldworthy’s pieces, these are ephemeral. Wind and waves act as critics of this art form (see photo below). You need to enjoy them while you can. We are fortunate to have a creator like the anonymous Rock Banksy working in the park. I do hope one day he or she will step forward and accept the kudos of countless park visitors.

P.S. Oops! Between the time I wrote this and the time it’s published, the main piece pictured here has gone away. That’s the nature of Rock Banksy’s art.

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