Rip-Rap Rehab

City engineers have pulled permits and found money to repair the rip rap slope along parts of the eastern shoreline of Cesar Chavez Park. Materials and equipment are at the site.

The southeast rip-rap slope before rehab
Equipment and rock piles ready on site May 17

According to a Parks source, there are three major locations showing signs of erosion that are identified for repair. “The City worked closely with various federal, state, and local agencies to secure permitting for the project. Repair of the rock armoring is necessary for maintaining the integrity of the shoreline of the park as well as the closed landfill.”

Construction is slated to begin May 21. When it begins, construction details and updates may be posted on this City website (link).

Meanwhile, a gap in the sea wall further south, opposite the hotel, has allowed flooding of the pedestrian/bike trail along Marina Boulevard for nearly a decade, without any effort at repair. At extreme high tide, water pours through the gap and creates an extensive pond:

Gap in sea wall opposite hotel creates salt water pond on trail 1/20/2019

A Parks source says “This section is not included in the current project. We are aware of the situation along Marina Blvd and have been in discussions with East Bay Regional Parks as the issue extends into their property. We are looking at grant opportunities for this scope.”

Translation: Don’t hold your breath.

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