Rip-Rap Rehab Begins

The rip-rap rehab project got underway May 28 with only a week’s delay past the May 21 scheduled start date. Part of the project is to replace the drainage pipes serving the unfenced dog park. They had become corroded and plugged, according to one of the workers on the job. This task entailed cutting the asphalt of the paved perimeter trail, cutting part of the concrete swale alongside the trail, removing the old pipes, regrading the cut, and laying the new pipe. The video below covers part of that project, undertaken Wednesday morning May 29.

The work is being done by a contractor, Siteworks Construction. It’s set to run five days a week until some time in July.

The actual rip-rap reinforcement started the previous day, when the contractor pushed a load of fresh gray rocks over the edge on the southern end of the project.

Fresh rip-rap on Southeast shore of park

This unfortunately entailed the sacrifice of a thick growth of Pinwheel succulents (Aeonium haworthii) that had become established in that exact spot. This is not a rare or protected plant by any means, but it was an attractive park feature when not hidden by a wall of thistles. Possibly there were a few survivors, but the main clumps were uprooted.

Pinwheel (Aeonium haworthii) clumps uprooted by construction equipment

I suppose that “you have to break eggs to make an omelet.” There are a few other pretty but not protected plants in the construction zone. It would be a big plus if the rehab work ended with an attractive native replanting project.

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