Restoration Bid Filed

Native planting area needs restoration

As I reported last month, the Conservancy has applied for a UC Chancellor’s grant for professional design and management plans to restore the 3.5 acre Native Plant Area on the western slope just north of the Spinnaker Way parking circle.

Thanks to the help of numerous individuals, this application is now on file with the Chancellor’s office. We are happy to make it public. Click here to download a PDF copy. As the transmittal letter explains, the application has the following parts:

  • Application Form
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Vendor bid by PGA Design
  • Vendor bid by Eco-Management
  • Partnership Agreement Letter by Joe R. McBride
  • Fiscal Sponsor’s IRS 501(c)3 determination letter
  • Fiscal Sponsor’s sponsorship confirmation letter
  • Applicant’s own recently received IRS 501(c)3 determination letter
  • Letter of Support from California Native Plant Society chapter
  • Letter of Support from Santiago Casal, Chavez/Huerta Solar Calendar
  • Letter of Support from Sierra Club chapter
  • DAWN Native Plant Area Vegetation Description
  • DAWN Native Plant Area Vegetation Map with Legend
  • DAWN Native Plant Area Photographs

We expect to hear in May whether the proposal has been funded. If funded, funds will be disbursed in September. The professional vendor(s) will need some time to do their work and prepare their plans. Then it will be time for discussions with everyone concerned to finalize a blueprint. And then we will need to raise a second round of funding, considerably larger than the first, to move the agreed plan into reality some time in 2021.

There are also some urgent safety issues in this area that need to be addressed more promptly. These are outside the funding request and I’ll post about them separately.

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