Refugee from the Fires

Beya Pasha, a refugee from smoke pollution in Sacramento

Quietly reading a book and taking in the fresh westerly breeze this past weekend was Beya Pasha, a middle school teacher living in Sacramento.

“The air is just gray in Sacramento, and it’s hard to breathe.  My car was covered in little pieces of white ash,” she told me.  She and her husband drove to Berkeley to breathe and see blue sky and get away from the stress of living downwind from the big fires for a day.

Pasha was reading a book, “Waiting to Exhale,” by Terry McMillan, author of “How Stella Got her Groove Back.”  She kindly gave me permission to feature her here in the blog.

We had our moments of smoke pollution last fall, but fortunately so far this summer the air in the park has offered a breathable refuge for our more challenged neighbors.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

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