Red-winged Blackbirds: They’re Ba-a-a-ck!

Finally, they’re back.  They arrived about a month later than last year.  Possibly they foresaw the rough wet weather we just went through (not that anybody’s complaining) and decided to wait it out, wherever they were.  There was no doubt about their presence this afternoon in the northwest corner of the park  The colorful males clung to the tops of last year’s dry fennel and other bushes and sang out their shrill mating call.  I’ve taken literally hundreds of photos of these birds in the past, but I couldn’t resist taking a few more.

P1000717 (Custom) P1000715 (Custom) P1000716 (Custom)

P1100626 (Custom) P1100528 (Custom) P1100565 (Custom) P1100583 (Custom)

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