Red tail on a lamp post

P1040591-a(Custom)P1040599 (Custom)P1040600 (Custom) OK, this bird wasn’t at the moment inside Cesar Chavez Park.  It squatted on top of a lamp post on University Avenue just before the turnoff to Marina Boulevard.  But at any moment it might take to the air and fly over Cesar Chavez Park so I considered it fair game for this blog.  Besides, it was lined up with the remnants of the moon, so I couldn’t resist.

(P.S. Three days later:)  On taking a closer look at the photos I noticed that the bird’s claws are slightly raised off the metal.  It’s actually balancing on the pads of its feet.  That makes sense, because of course the claws couldn’t find purchase on the steel pipe.  Even without the claws, the bird seemed fairly stable.  A nearby crow buzzed the hawk several times, trying to chase it away, and the hawk just ducked and turned a bit but held its position. The crow gave up and flew away.  I first photographed the hawk on my way into the park.  A good 40 minutes later as I left, it was still there.

Read about the Red-tailed Hawk.


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