Red-shouldered Hawk in the Meadow

When I was walking in a slight drizzle in the Meadow (McLaughlin Eastshore State Park, next door to Cesar Chavez Park) this hawk drew my eye to his perch with his screechy call.  He paid little attention to me as I set up under his position with my camera.  I think it’s a Red-shouldered Hawk.  Hawks are hard to tell apart sometimes because they vary so much as individuals and in different seasons.  What makes me think this is a Red-shouldered and not a Red-tailed or something else is its call.  The Audubon website and also the Cornell website have recordings, and they sound like a total match for the call of this bird.  If you’re a hawk expert and think it’s a different bird, please let me know.  

Red-shouldered Hawk, Berkeley Meadow

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