Reconsider the $600K Windsurfer Bathroom

robber-sneaking-away-money-28912645Statement to the Parks and Waterfront Commission meeting yesterday (June 10 2015):

The list of parks projects submitted by Parks Director Ferris at last months’ meeting of this commission omitted to cite the planned $600,000 expenditure for the windsurfer bathroom.  The item was buried in other Marina items without showing the price tag.

The same covert procedure was used in the Department’s submission of its budget to City Council two weeks ago. Nothing in the documentation submitted to Council disclosed the windsurfer restroom and its $600,000 price tag.

This lack of transparency may succeed in the short run, but will inevitably surface in the November 2016 elections. The Parks and Waterfront Department will be pilloried from one side of the spectrum to the other not only for this outrageously overpriced project but for the nontransparent way it has been moved forward.

Before this project reaches the point of no return, I urge the Commission to stop and consider available alternatives.

  • A vendor of traditional standard flush-toilet prefab restrooms quotes prices that would allow about five such buildings to be installed for the $600,000 price tag.
  • A vendor of green flush-vault park restrooms that do not require sewer hookups offers units at prices that would allow ten park restrooms to be installed for the $600,000 sum.
  • The Americorps National Community Service Corporation, Pacific Region, is prepared to provide volunteer workers to construct restroom buildings in public parks at nominal expense.

I attach brief documentation about each of these options for the Commission members’ consideration.


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