Rare sights

P1030622 (Small)
American White Pelican

Saw an American White Pelican paddling in the North Basin this morning — a rare sight in this location.  I saw a breeding colony of these birds on the northwest edge of Limantour Spit (Point Reyes National Seashore) a few years back, but never saw one in the waters around Cesar Chavez Park before.  It was dabbling in the mud like an overgrown duck.  It seemed to be the only one of its kind in the vicinity.

Also present were three darkish speckled gulls that were probably immature Western Gulls.  Identifying gulls is above my pay grade, so this is just a guess.

P1030635 (Small)
? Immature Western Gull ?
P1030643 (Small)
Snowy Egret

A Snowy Egret shared the water, jumping and fluttering in an agitated way.  Maybe he was trying to herd the little fishies toward the shallower water.

P1030627 (Small)
Snowy Egret

Out in the more distant stretch of the North Basin, a cormorant was airing his wings on the submerged wreck of a boat that is sunk there and sticks out of the water at low tide.

P1030641 (Mobile)

And then there was the most unusual creature in the water this morning.  Colorful like some exotic rainforest parrot but with a prominent fishy fin, this specimen looks like a casualty of the past weekend’s big Kite Festival.

P1030613 (Small)

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