Rain and Shine

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) Feb 5 2023

A deluge hit my car on the way to the park. When I arrived, the sun came out. I found the owl, at Perch B. It looked like it had stayed out in the rain but was drying off quickly in the new rays. I took a few minutes of video. The sunshine didn’t last long. A rainbow rose briefly off the north end of the park. Then the sky darkened and it rained again. I switched angles and took more footage of the owl in the rain. The word that came to mind was “stoic.” The owl took whatever the elements threw at it, and endured without complaint. As I exited the park, the rain stopped and the sun returned. It was that kind of morning.

Rainbow off North side of park

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  • i love getting these every day. thank you

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