Radish Lover

The Wild Radish plants in many spots in the park have begun to set fruit. The young fruits are long, slender, pointed green solids that resemble peppers. Later they will get bumpy as the seeds inside get larger. The taste is bland and the texture is crisp and juicy but rough (I’ve tried it). That’s fine for this young Ground Squirrel, who munched one fresh off the stalk and then hopped to a sunny rock to chew it thoroughly, as one should.

Here’s a clearer look at the radish fruit.

Wild Radish (Raphanus raphanistrum)

Inside the fruit, of course, are the seeds, which is why the fruit is also called the seed pod. (The part of the plant that remotely resembles the garden radish is the root.) The seeds will get spicy and peppery as they mature; they can be ground into a paste resembling mustard. All parts of the plant are edible and have been used in salads, as a cooked vegetable, or as a source of oil.

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