Park People Profile: Carol Denney

Author Carol Denney in a mirror selfie

Carol Denney has been a regular Cesar Chavez Park visitor since the previous millennium. In her monthly satirical newsletter, Pepper Spray Times, soon to appear in a 25-year anthology, she applied her irreverent wit to many of the park’s burning issues, including her hilarious coverage of the ground squirrel wars of 2014, where she quoted press releases by anonymous “spokesquirrels” and had the squirrels arming themselves with mini-tasers to prevent their extermination. Naturally, a dead serious issue like the coronavirus irresistibly tickled her funny bone, and this brand new book of Coronavirus Cartoon Chronicles is the result. Beautifully designed and produced by Carol’s friend Michele Nelson, this glossy 21st century version of a comic book can serve as a keepsake of these “interesting times” long into the future. Available from Along with her writing, cartooning, and music making — she’s an accomplished fiddler, guitarist, and vocalist — Carol is a member of the Board of Directors of the Chavez Park Conservancy.

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