Prevent Park Abuse

Statement to Berkeley Parks and Waterfront Commission March 13 2019

We all know the term abuse, as in drug abuse and child abuse.  We need to add to our vocabulary the term “park abuse.”

The proposed cannabis events would break up families.  People under 18 can’t lawfully participate. Do we want a park that breaks up families, or a park that brings families together?

At last night’s city council meeting, it appeared that some members were backing off from allowing smoking in the park.  However, nothing was decided. I respectfully ask this commission to go on record with a unanimous vote, if possible, upholding the no-smoking rule in the parks. No exception for marijuana.

At the event, many people will arrive sober and leave stoned.  Many will be behind the wheel of a car. They will do the stupid, careless, and dangerous things that stoned drivers do.  Do we want a park that is an engine of harm to the surrounding communities?

If the event proceeds, Parks staff will be on record as promoting marijuana.  The message will be: Scott Ferris is OK if you use marijuana. Sue Ferrera wants you to use marijuana.  Roger Miller wants you to use marijuana. Alexa Endress wants you to use marijuana. Is that the kind of record you want to make for your kids and grandkids?

Marijuana, both in its edible and in its smokable form, is poison to dogs.  It kills them. Do you want to host an event where dogs will die?

The stoner public that comes to marijuana events is notoriously piggish.  Turn on, drop trash, tune out. Is that what you want in our parks?

The bottom line is that the proposed cannabis events constitute park abuse. You are park stewards.  Do your job.

— Martin Nicolaus

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One thought on “Prevent Park Abuse

  • The commissions should have been consulted back in November when Ms. Mc cormick was setting this up from the Mayor’s office.

    Especially a park and recs commission, also the commission on disability should have been alerted and asked for their input.

    We don’t need LA people coming here, smoking up our public parks and giving these big Cannabis companies our parks, our clean air and last of all, and especially important our dignity as persons in the city of Berkeley.

    Thank you for writing to Parks and recs, I hope many will write to ALL the commissions, this effects homeless folks too so that commission should be written to as well. Imagine being homeless in the park and barely surviving and having smoke blown in your face? not many people like this kind of lack of etiquette and having public parks being abused in this way. What a shameful situation this is, and the Mayor and council should be embarrassed for even considering this abuse of public land and air.

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