Porta-Potties: Yuck!

P1000825 (Custom)If you hate the porta-potties at Cesar Chavez Park, you’re not alone.  People hate them wherever they’re found. Women athletes hate them, per this discussion on Team estrogen — Women’s cycling forum.  Males don’t love them any better, if you believe Steve Tilford, bicycle racer.  Women who are not athletes form a sizeable chorus of porta-potty haters.  For example, Kelly Pickler, country singer, returning from a USO tour: Loved the troops, hated the Toilets . Lynn, a forest fire-fighter, gives porta-potty user guidance. Suzanne, an Orange County blogger holds forth on her experiences with the stinky cabin.  There’s no love lost for porta-potties on the web sites of Cassie Mae, nerd and chocolate addict, or the Not that kind of girl blog, or the voice of a self-described Hot Mama in Los Angeles .

Porta-potties are the No. 1 worst experience had by Historical re-enactors, and Terry Foster, sports columnist,  is outraged about reports of alleged sex in porta-potties.

A number of web forums ask their members about the topic.  Yahoo! Answers poses the question, use the porta-potty or pee outside?  A social forum asks, should you provide porta-potties at your wedding reception?  Readers weigh in on porta-potties in an opinion poll on SodaHead, a poll on MyLot, and a Poll on CollegeNet.  There’s a ripe collection of porta-potty stories on Experience Project.

If this passage in a novel, Geomancer’s Compass, is to be believed, a child’s experience in a porta-potty could traumatize them for life.

And in case you thought porta-potties were gross only when full, here’s a seriously gross rant about being the first user.

And a (kind of) funny prank, Candid Camera style, to close it out with a laugh: Trapped in a Porta-Potty

Feel less alone already?

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