Pink Moon

OK, we know the “pink” is just an arbitrary label. This moon isn’t more pink than any other. It’s actually orange as it emerges from behind the hills through the low atmosphere. It gets gray and silvery as it rises. The video starts with the sunset on the other side of the horizon. It then pans 180 degrees to the east and condenses nearly 15 minutes of the moonrise into 45 seconds. It was one of those nights when you can almost feel the earth spinning.

This moon was special because the moon is closer to the earth than any time this year except the one coming on May 26. Read more about it almost anywhere (google “Pink Moon”) but one fairly reliable source is the NASA page, here.

If you missed it Monday night, you can see just about the same show, weather permitting, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Pink Moon

  • Wow Marty! That was first class. It deserves an Oscar but what category?

  • Yes, the photography is mine. You can see it live this evening and Wednesday eve, weather permitting.

  • Beautiful! was this done by you marty?
    It’s amazing how it always seem like the moon is moving…not us. Well I guess in this case we are both moving, right?
    Wish I had seen it live…

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