Peace on One Hilltop

Family of Asa Scholz after working to restore Peace Symbol on northwest hilltop

Family members of Asa Scholz, the young man whose memorial bench stands at the head of the Peace Symbol on the northwest hilltop, went to work on Sunday January 16 to pull weeds and restore order and beauty to the artwork. Unknown hands assembled this rough sculpture around the turn of the century using rocks carried in from somewhere else. Relentless weeds and occasional vandals imperil the work, but its stewards display great resiliency and always restore it.

Here’s what it looked like before Asa’s family went to work:

Peace Symbol before

The Chavez Park Conservancy contributed and delivered the mulch.

More about this Peace Symbol here.

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3 thoughts on “Peace on One Hilltop

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  • Bravo for the memory of Asa Scholz and those of us who love to visit and find PEACE at the top of the hill at Chavez Park.

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