Peace Maintained

Peace Symbol after volunteer labor

It took four volunteers just a couple of hours to freshen up the Peace Symbol on the northwest hilltop of the park this morning. Thanks to a much more thorough rehab effort two years ago, which involved placing weed block fabric underneath, the minimalist artwork suffered only marginal weed invasion. The major issue was the prevailing westerly wind that had stripped away some of the mulch and exposed the edges of the weed block fabric. Park visitor Diane Bush, Peter Scholz, Michael Kushner and myself took hoes, clippers and mulch bags in hand and in a relatively short and painless work session had the meaningful monument looking sharp again.

Above left: Peace Symbol before maintenance. Right: Group selfie of the workers.

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3 thoughts on “Peace Maintained

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  • Wow, what a great job you all did! Thanks so much. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it. So glad you showed the “before” pic, too.

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