Park photo book now available on Kindle

From Trash to Treasure, my photo book celebrating the beauties of Cesar Chavez Park, is now available as an e-book for Kindle.

Hats off to customer support, who walked me through the process of getting this photo book into the proper format.  You can feed Kindle a PDF file for a book that consists mostly of text, but it gags on a book that’s 99 per cent photos, like From Trash to Treasure.  However there’s a solution.  The Kindle Kids Book Creator is a utility tailormade for gobbling up graphic-intensive PDF files and turning them into books readable on the Kindle platform, on whatever device you run it on — Android, Apple, PC, Fire, or Paperwhite  — but only in black and white on the Paperwhite.  So now you can enjoy the splendors of this park on your hand-held electronic device, in addition to your handheld paper device a/k/a book.

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