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The third of three “public hearings” on how to spend the $100 million infrastructure bond is being held tomorrow, Saturday April 8, from 10 a.m. to noon at the South Berkeley Library, corner of Martin Luther King and Russell Street. I put “public hearing” in quotes because at the first session of this body, devoted to parks, the Parks and Waterfront Department didn’t want to hear from the public at all.  They had already made up their minds how they were going to spend the money, and the “hearing” was a tightly controlled obedience exercise.  The Department did all the speaking and the public was only supposed to do the hearing. Parks staff wouldn’t even permit independent proposals — such as the Better Bathroom information flyer — on the literature table.  Only Department handouts allowed!

Nevertheless, at this third and final session, the voices of Better Bathroom advocates will be heard, one way or another.  If you are tired of porta-potties, if you think that a $100 million bond should at least buy better bathrooms, please come to the event.  There’ll be a new handout and a BETTER BATHROOMS SIGN to hold up.  

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