Owls Day Nine

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

At sunrise on Day 9, both Burrowing Owls remained present and in the same spot where first seen. The First Owl, in the video above, sensed something that caused it to rise and stretch its body tall in a moderately high alert posture. I could not tell what caused the owl to rise. The incident displayed the bird’s ability to shapeshift from a compact, fluffy-looking ground hugger to a tall vigilant raptor. These owls can also twist their versatile necks in tight circles for preening, not shown here but visible in “The Owls Came Back” documentary.

The No. 2 owl meanwhile turned its back on the early sun. I had to film from a different angle, catching only half the bird’s face in the light. As I saw yesterday, this owl has become completely accustomed to passing park visitors. A jogger in a neon vest paced by and the owl didn’t even give it a glance.

The word has not got out to all dog owners to leash up. As I watched, one owner approached with a small dog off leash and turned a deaf ear to my urgent request to put the animal on leash. Some of these owners just don’t give a f for nature and believe themselves royally entitled to let their dogs run feral. In some of these pairs, it’s the dog that’s the alpha and the owner is the submissive. They see the leash as a prison chain when in reality it’s a bond of companionship, an affirmation of membership in the same pack.

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