Owl Sunset

The Burrowing Owl in the nature area on the north side of the park has the sun behind it when I view it from the paved perimeter path early in the morning. That means the owl is backlit; its face is in the shade. This day I visited in the late afternoon with the sun slanting low from the west, getting ready to set. It painted the bird in golden hues. I could not resist abandoning the paved path and moving to the maintenance road that bisects the nature area. From there I could get a view of the owl from a different angle, with the sun full in its face. In that location I indulged my visual greed. I had the image of the owl to myself alone and wasn’t sharing it with park visitors passing on the perimeter trail. I’ll share it here and hope to be forgiven.

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

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One thought on “Owl Sunset

  • Love it! so beautiful. It almost looks cross-eyed…

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