Owl Still Here

As of the afternoon of March 5, the Burrowing Owl on the north side of the park is still with us. If the past is any guide, these are its last days here. It will start its migration back north any evening.

I wish I were Dr. Doolittle and could hear what the squirrel is saying to the owl. Maybe it’s “Isn’t it about time you headed home?” Or maybe it’s “I’m going to miss you, good buddy.” In the past week, this owl and this squirrel have struck up a togetherness I didn’t see among owls and squirrels last year, when I made the “Owls Came Back” movie.

Burrowing Owl and Ground Squirrel

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One thought on “Owl Still Here

  • How close were they in this video? it’s hard to tell if it’s 3 feet or 10 inches….

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