Owl Spotted

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) Photo Bridget Ahern

It was already late in the afternoon and I had tried and failed to see the Burrowing Owl in the Nature Area on the north side of the park. But photographer Bridget Ahern hung in there and kept searching. Just when she, too, was ready to quit, she spotted it. There in the grass, surrounded by the stalks of dead weeds, the bird showed itself and looked directly at the camera. Bridget got this very nice image. She apologized for its graininess in view of the low light, but there’s no cause. The bird is clear and sharp, and you can see the yellow of its eyes.

This bird has been very hard to spot. I’ve talked to several park visitors who love to see the bird, with or without camera or binocular, and they’ve all reported frustration. Bridget’s image is all the more valuable for restoring everyone’s faith that the bird is, indeed, still there. Bridget was understandably pleased. She does a lot of photography and posts her best stuff on Instagram @moon_rabbit_rising.

More about Burrowing Owls: Wikipedia Audubon Cornell In Chavez Park

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